Connecting the physical and digital through design.

A contemporary approach on Visual / UI Design by Yannick Bouma.

Hello, I am Yannick Bouma.
A dutch designer focusing on Visual / UI design.

A lover of minimalism, Scandinavian design, fashion and photography. Always looking for new opportunities and a chance to expand my work experiences.

& Passions

Knowledgeable in UI Design, Visual Design, Concepting & Web–Design, Graphic Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing.

Creating and planning concepts that are focused on the user are among one of my biggest expertises in addition to Typography, Photography and the creation of content in general.

Case studies

Click on one of the images for a in-depth look of the projects below or take a look at my Dribbble for snippets of unreleased work.

Yannick Bouma - Eethuis Simple Joure cover case study
blinkadmin homepage
Bryck website dutch design

If you’d like to talk about a project, an idea, ask a question, or just want to say hi — drop me a line:

Everything else, you can find on DribbbleInstagram or LinkedIn.